Vintage Reviews: Motor Trend’s 1967 New Car Issue – Specialty And Utility Vehicles, Accessories And Specifications for All 1967 Cars


(first posted 9/22/2016)     Motor Trend’s 1967 Buyers Guide was particularly comprehensive: in addition to covering all the car segments, MT also looked at Specialty and Utility vehicles.  Plus they showcased the range of available options to dress up new cars, along with tables outlining major specifications and prices for the 1967 products.  Read on to see the details.


Though many people think of Checker Marathons as taxis or airport shuttles, they did sell to civilians too.  Roomy, tough, thrifty and old-fashioned, the Marathon was like getting an old-school, early-1950s-style car in 1967.


SUVs became an enormous sales phenomenon in the U.S., starting in the 1990s, but off-road-capable products had been on the market for decades prior, including this broad array of offerings from 1967.  Though sales were low, these vehicles did attract loyal followers.


Each of the Big Three also fielded a selection of vans, which could be outfitted for passenger or work duty.  All placed the driver’s and front-seat passenger’s footwells ahead of the front-wheels, right in the front crumple zone.  Safety clearly was not yet a priority…

What was a priority for Detroit, however, were profit-laden options and accessories.  Motor Trend devoted quite a lot of coverage to detailing all the ways buyers could personalize their cars “for just a few dollars more…”





Industry leaders must have loved this section of the new car issue.  Beyond picking the car, buyers could get lost choosing from the dizzying array of profit-driving add-ons.  Best was the quote: “True owner satisfaction seldom comes with a bare-bones car.”  That “optional” mindset ultimately hurt Detroit, but in the short-term there was no better way to ring the cash registers.



These alphabetized tables summed up specs and prices for all the cars covered in the Buyer’s Guide Issue.  Back at a time when lots of folks loved to dream about and talk about cars, this coverage was like the automotive equivalent of baseball or football statistics: great fodder for hours of discussions with friends.