Vintage Road Test: 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado – Road Test Magazine Offers An Unfiltered Take On Oldsmobile’s Front Drive Flagship


(first posted 3/21/2016) In the magazine’s early years, Road Test accepted no advertising and prided itself on offering blunt assessments of new cars, calling out faults as well as strengths.  So how did the Toronado fare with the testers, given that GM’s ad budget wasn’t a factor in the final review results?






Postscript by PN: I find it amusing to read the ending of this review, as they come to almost exactly the same assumption about the Toronado’s genesis as I did in my CC on it.  From the above review: “Looks like the trend is back to those long-nosed old cars…like the Cord…Say! There’s an idea! Why don’t we build something like the Cord? There was a sexy car!

From my CC:  “The divisions all had their own engineering departments, with plenty of money to burn on all sorts of sexy fun projects that might have gotten their start over the water cooler: Hey! How about we build a gigantic seven-liter high-performance personal luxury coupe with front wheel drive? Yes! Brilliant!  It’s just what the world was waiting for. Not.”

CC: 1966 Toronado – GM’s Deadly Sin #16 – Let’s Try A Different Position