CC Photography: Color Photos of San Francisco in the ’60s-’70s by Max Kirkeberg–Eye Candy

1482 Golden Gate Avenue, 1964


I was doing an internet search and found these spectacular photos of San Francisco which I had never seen before.  To me, these are really special–different from other vintage photographs:  the soft yet vivid pastel colors, the bright but diffuse lighting;  and of course the architecture and the cars, so realistically rendered.  The houses look like delicate pastries, and some of the cars look like you could just walk up and touch them!  Here’s a small sample with a backstory on Professor Max Kirkeberg:


Professor Max Kirkeberg on Bernal Hill, 1969


From the San Francisco State University website:

“For the past 50 years, Professor Emeritus Max Kirkeberg has documented the urban geography of the San Francisco Bay Area in almost 60,000 slides. Kirkeberg arrived in San Francisco in 1965 to take a position in the San Francisco State University Geography Department, and quickly became enamored with the city. His collection of just under 60,000 photos were a by-product of his field classes, walking tours, and related slide lectures of the various San Francisco neighborhoods, offered since the early 1970s. These images of streets, architecture, development, landscapes, culture, and geographical highlights provide an encompassing picture of the diverse neighborhoods that make up San Francisco, as well as the features and regions beyond it in the greater Bay Area.”

1464 McAllister Street, 1963


700 Block of Steiner Street, 1964


814-818 Steiner Street, 1964


East at the north side of McAllister from Pierce Street, 1964


The Bliss Flats at 1347 McAllister Street, 1964


1124 Fulton Street, 1964


813 Grove Street, 1964, entrance


824 Grove Street, Dining Room West Wall


Stained glass skylight, 824 Grove Street. House was built in 1886.


814 Grove Street, 1964


Amos House at 973-75 Grove Street, 1964


East on Fulton Street from 1200 Fulton Street, 1965


Girls on a picnic, Marina District, San Francisco, 1965


1198 Fulton Street, 1967


44 Peralta Avenue, 1970


908 Steiner Street, 1970


1673 Golden Gate Avenue, 1971


809-11 Pierce Street, 1972


841-45 Fulton Street, 1972


859 Fulton Street, 1972


881-87 Fulton Street, 1972


925 Fulton Street, 1972


West side of Steiner between Fulton and McAllister Street, 1972. The “remuddlers” are closing in from both sides!


There are over 7,000 more photographs online if you care to explore further.  I have showcased some of the professor’s earliest photos, because I thought they were the “purest” and most interesting.  This was before the stucco and aluminum siding salesmen (and the demolition crews) had shown up en masse to do their cruel work.  I have not checked to see what these places look like now.  I’m sure that some houses have been preserved;  others remuddled or gone.  But either way, I am grateful to Professor Kirkeberg for so lovingly portraying them in full color!

1198 Fulton Street, 1968.  This guy is cool–I want to be more like him, LOL!


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