CC Snapshots: Cars & Architecture, Book 2

Everybody loved the first “Cars & Architecture” installment, so here is another great collection of photos that show period cars and fascinating architecture in beautiful, full-color, artistic shots!  As a commenter previously mentioned, quite a few of these come from the Charles W. Cushman collection, which is quite extensive with many outstanding photos.  You can search for more Cushman photos online.  So here we go, this time traveling across the country from west to east, and then beyond . . .


Bair Mansion, Arcata CA.


Solvang, CA.


2610 Jackson Street, San Francisco CA.


Franklin & Jackson Streets, San Francisco, CA.


Big Sur, CA.


239 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA.


151 S. Main Street, Los Angeles, CA.


Los Angeles.


Mount Evans Crest House, CO.


Silverton, CO.




Jail House, Linden AL.


4938 Drexel Boulevard, Chicago IL.


Al Capone’s headquarters, 2222 S. Dearborn Street, Chicago IL.




30th & Ellis, Chicago IL.


In case you were getting tired of looking at buildings . . .



1325 N. Dearborn Street, Chicago IL.


3117 S. Wabash, Chicago IL.


29th & Wabash, Chicago IL.


Maxwell Street, Chicago IL. Every city should have a shopping district like this (my opinion).


2626 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago, IL.


Leaving Chicago . . .



Junked cars, Evansville IN.



South West District, Washington DC.


Bowling Green, New York City.


Waterfront, Lower Manhattan.


Waterfront, Lower Manhattan.



Junk peddlers, Lower East Side, New York City.


Lower East Side, New York City.


40 1st Avenue, New York City.


Brockton, MA.


Brockton, MA


Quick jump across the pond . . .

London, England.


Paris, France.  (Early 1920s color).


Piedmont Hotel, Italy.


Rome, Italy.


Vienna, Austria.


Moscow, USSR.