Vintage Photo: The BMC Range On Full Display, 1956

I’m part way through the preparation of a fairly lengthy post on a key part of the British motor industry, and this has needed some deep diving on parts of the history of BMC. These deep dives sometimes turn down rabbit holes, and you can often find some interesting things at the bottom of them.  This is a case in point – a photo of a display of the full UK market range of BMC cars from 1956, taken at a display centre somewhere which looks just as 1956 as the cars.

From the front, left column

MG Magnette

Austin A95 Westminster

Morris Minor 1000

Austin Metropolitan (Nash Metropolitan)

Morris Oxford

Morris Minor Traveller

A brace of Morris Commercial J2, a van and a minibus

Central column

Austin A105, an upmarket derivative of the A95

Wolseley 15/50

Morris Cowley (a decontented lower power Oxford)

Austin A35

Riley Pathfinder

Austin Princess limousine

Morris Oxford (MO series) van

Morris J Type van , a favourite of the Post Office

Right column

Austin J40 pedal car, built in factory set up in South Wales for miners invalided by pneumoconiosis

Austin A40 Cambridge

Austin A35 (then new and Austin’s best seller which may be why there are two of them)

Wolseley 6/90

Austin A95 Countryman

Austin (or Morris) LD van

But, no MG or Austin-Healey sports cars for some reason. Still, most bases are covered, and all with drip trays.