Vintage B&W Car Show Photos: San Diego, 1972

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Three years ago I posted Kodachrome slide pictures of this car show in the Fashion Valley Mall, San Diego, circa February 1972. I decided to scan all my negatives over the years during this shelter at home time in California. I started this 10 days ago and have a long ways to go. In a box of B&W negatives I ran across these shots which I was completely unaware of. Why? Apparently I developed but never printed them out since I had no enlarger at the time. Consequently I put them away, protected, never to be seen again till last week. Imagine my surprise as I have run across many similar negatives. Time wise, in my life, I had just turned 18 in December 1971.

The background as to what was going on: In October of 1971 I bought my first real camera. No more using a box type camera and then an Instamatic with incredibly soft focused pictures. Blah! I had purchased a Minolta SrT-101 with the standard 55mm f1.7 lens used for these photos. What I was doing here was learning everything from film, to exposure, framing, lighting, and depth of field. Ironically I learned how to develop film in my 7th grade Graphic Arts class but had no photographic education till I took a year of photojournalism at San Diego State University in 1975.

Frankly I can’t believe these turned out so well since most of the time I was learning about lighting and made many a mistake. This day had light overcast which is perfect as most shows have strong direct light with harsh shadows or strong light mixed with dark shade. The fact that my first roll of Kodachrome turned out so well was sheer luck given the film’s tight restrictions. So on with the show and as a shout out to Jim Grey the film used was Kodak Plus-X.

Here we have that Pantera that was so brilliant in yellow:

The Mercury Capri. Now who remembers the yellow car with black hood missing the letters R and I? You don’t see them and now you do. Photography is magic.

Some Mopar goodness:

Fiat 850 Sport Spider:

Saab Sonett:

The 240Z:

Unfortunately this was a roll of 36 and it seems I am missing two strips of cars. No idea so this last photo has no car photo associated with it except the engine. You’ll figure it out.

I even had unknown B&W of my car at the same time. Car spotters will see my brother’s car in the background. The only picture of it. That 4 speed had its engine rebuilt, by my younger brother, to an 11.0:1 premium fuel terror. Ever wonder what 100 mph is like in a Pinto? I know. My hand grip was imprinted in the armrest when I got out.

That is it for now. There will be another batch of assorted 1972 San Diego pictures that will interest car spotters as I scan them and see what is on them. I wasn’t out looking for cars as much as I was documenting something for myself.