Vintage Car Carriers: 1938 Dodges – A Strange Kind Of Serenity

There’s a certain feel in some industrial-era photos that transmit a sense of calm. An eerie kind of serenity; and it appears rather clearly in this shot from 1938, with a number of Dodges being loaded in Buffalo, NY.

Serenity, or melancholy? The severe and austere surroundings, the uncluttered streets, the crisp profiles of machinery and edifices. And finally, the workers with poses frozen in time. Something about such images is rather moving. It is the magic of photography; to be moved by such hard industrial realities from a distance.

As for that distant reality, 1938 was a recession year; that in the already long-going Great Depression. After an uptick in sales in the mid-’30s, 1938 was another year of shrinking sales, with Dodge’s sales falling 59%. Melancholic, indeed.