Vintage Dealer Snapshot: 1965 Rambler Marlin, With Discount in Texas!

Windshield reads: “250 under cost, New ’65!”

With only about 10K Marlins selling in 1965, I guess dealers just had to find a way to move these out of the lot.

Now, from this angle -and this angle only- the Marlin looks kind of OK. A pretty neat visual trick from the photographer, and it almost works.

For those in need of reminding, compare that 3/4 view with the actual profile, taken from a previous post on the Marlin by Paul:

Wow, that’s quite a different view! Nice trick Mr. photographer, you almost fooled me!

Too bad that buyers had a nasty habit of walking around a car before purchasing. No sales solely by photos in those days. If only eBay had existed back then …


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