Vintage Postcards: Malls & Shopping Centers In The 1950s-1960s

Here’s a nice bunch of postcards dating to the early days of the mall and shopping center phenomenon. Understandably, some of these establishments are no more while some remain. But even those still with is are hard to recognize in these images, making it all more fun.

In short, the images are quite a time trip and a nice look at what used to be. The lede image belongs to The Landing, in Kansas City, MO.

Sears Roebuck, Tampa, FL.

Norwalk Square, Norwalk, CA.

Eastland Center, Harper Woods, MI.

Stonestown Shopping Center, San Francisco, CA.

Chapin Shopping Center, Myrtle Beach, SC.

Shopping Center in Santa Maria, CA.

Lloyd Center, Portland, OR.

Jordan Marsh Dept. Store, Miami, FL.

Park City, Lancaster, PA.


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