Vintage Snapshot Of The Day: 1956 Cadillac & Thunderbird In The Driveway – Two Sides Of Luxury

I thought this would be a nice combo to share, a ’56 Thunderbird and a ’56 Cadillac Series Sixty nicely parked in someone’s driveway. My guess is someone is having a gathering of some sort. Quite the varied group if that’s the case.

There are other possible scenarios, like a family that doesn’t have one iota of brand loyalty. But I prefer the former idea.

In either case, the Caddy and the ‘Bird make for an interesting pairing; a study of sorts on luxury. The Caddy was the established player and spoke ‘money’ and class to everyone. When purchased, there was no question as to what it meant. An automatic status machine.

Meanwhile, the Thunderbird was an early example of how to ‘upscale’ a common-man brand. Though not a luxury car per se, the T-Bird was Ford’s most expensive model, and it spoke individuality in a way few other cars of the period did while also seeming ‘accessible.’ As is known, it embodied a new approach to ‘luxury’ or exclusivity: the ‘personal luxury car.’ The elements for sales success weren’t quite there yet, but Ford was to perfect the formula soon enough.


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