Vintage Snapshot: 1960 Chevrolet Wagon; Riding On Rails

This is one image that brings one obvious pun to mind (you know the one). Puns aside, this setup does leave me thinking about the wonders it must do for this Chevy’s cornering abilities. I would also think it provides really smooth riding, gliding as if… well, on rails (nope, couldn’t help it).

I’m sure some commenters will know far more about these adaptations than I ever could (go on, add some anecdotes). But for this post’s sake, I better explain a bit about what this is. It’s a train track inspection and servicing unit, with a set of railroad wheels that can be easily dropped down when needed.

It actually sounds like fun stuff, though I doubt those adapters are easily available at Pep Boys.

’60 Chevrolet interior. Photo by Tom Klockau.


I hadn’t seen passenger cars adapted to such use, though I had seen trucks and vans. These latter ones, probably better for carrying tools and equipment for servicing duties. That said, old wagons served that role back in the day and had good hauling capabilities. And well, a Chevrolet wagon’s interior must feel pretty swanky over the tracks.


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