Vintage Snapshots: 1954 Oldsmobile Ninety-Eight Holiday – One Joyful Oldsmobile Family

There aren’t many shots in this series, but I truly enjoyed them. Admittedly, other than the lead one, not the greatest pictures ever. They’re blurry, off-center, and some participants are caught off guard. But wasn’t that part of the fun with film photography? To wait days and get a few good shots with various useless ones. And yet, among those unusable ones, a few that captured life just as it was.

But we’re not here solely for nicely lit and framed photos. Rather, everything automotive. And these images are a good reflection of what the Oldsmobile brand once meant. After all, there’s lots of joy and pride being displayed around this ’54 Olds. The images were clearly taken on a special occasion, with the Ninety-Eight Holiday taking center stage.


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