Vintage Snapshots: A Corvette Gallery – Drivers, Riders & Admirers From The ’50s – ’70s

CC readers know that I had several of these vintage ‘owner galleries’ in the past few months. Being the weekend, I feel that it’s a good time to highlight some neat old ‘Vettes. However, I wouldn’t be so certain the folks with these ‘Vettes are all ‘owners.’ It’s, after all, a model with admirers of all types; some of these fellas may just be posing for all I know.

Those thoughts aside, let’s look at these Corvette moments; with C1s, C2s and C3s. With the model having quickly become an icon, you’ll notice a few of these are already in second-hand ownership. Also, in those shots where someone is behind the wheel, not every driver is the expected type. Fun stuff.