Vintage Snapshots: Buicks On The Road In The 1950s – Part 2

Back when GM was a purveyor of cool-looking machines, the argument could be made that some of its children were better dressed than others. And that’s something that could be seen through the decades; Pontiac in the ’60s, Oldsmobile in the ’70s, and so on. I know it’s all a matter of likes and preferences, but most can probably choose one or two brands from each period.

All that said, Buick was certainly at a styling peak during most of the 1950s. A sign that the brand had much favour with GM’s styling VP Harley Earl. Under his tenure, the models carried a sophisticated blend of dashing looks and mild hot-rodding/sporty influences. All sharply put together to great effect.

So let’s take a look at some Buicks from the period thanks to these vintage images. This is the second such gallery we have featured, and while Buicks were not the most numerous of makes back then (as it was natural for an upscale brand), its numbers on vintage photos are somewhat notable. Looking at period images, it feels like camera owners couldn’t help themselves when one came into view. A sign of their allure?


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