Vintage Snapshots & Advertising: Car Billboards, A Gallery – 1950s to 1970s

Most of us of a certain age have a relationship with car billboards. To be on the street, cruising, or worse, stuck in traffic, with your tips at the wheel, looking at some model you desire lovingly displayed up on a billboard. I’m pretty sure we can recall the sensation.

The billboard is, of course, a byproduct of our market-driven society. As we know them, the 24-sheet billboard was the result of technology first shown at the Paris Exposition of 1889. It then appeared at the World Columbian Expo of Chicago in 1893 and was quickly adopted for circuses, traveling shows, and movies. With the advent of automobile and highway systems, cars and billboards became inevitably intertwined.

Here is a short series of billboards showcasing that long-standing relationship. From standard print-outs, to elaborate cutouts with neon glows, there’s a good variety of displays in here.