Vintage Snapshots: Cars & People – Trunk Living!

While we like to think we’re way above the animal kingdom, humans have many of the same basic needs. Some food, a place to sleep, a nice place to hang out, and so on. And if there’s a surface to be occupied, a lair of our own to have, we readily go for it.

I may be giving too much thought to what’s happening in these images, which are just folk hanging out in their car’s trunk. But I honestly had to ponder a bit about these, as I kept finding a few of them. Enough in number to tell that it wasn’t a rare custom (not that I’m saying it was common). But I guess it’s a generational thing. Kids my age often poked fun at Detroit’s ’70s sleds and said: “What’s that huge flat trunk for?”

Well, apparently for the obvious groceries, a few bikes, and occasionally, some napping and reading. Who knows, some may just be trying to sneak into a Drive-In Cinema?

And I do know there are some, let’s say, connotations about being in a car trunk nowadays. But look, these were simpler times, right?