Vintage Snapshots: Cars and Sharply Dressed People In The ’50s & ’60s

No Hawaiian shirts on this post, nor any other casual-looking attire. We’re going for smart fashions on this post, all quite away from the relaxed dress codes of today. As you’ll see, today’s gallery is a collection of some rather sharp-dressing folks from the ’50s and ’60s, looking the best they could regardless of their family ride. Be it a Cadillac, Buick, or Ford, these folk aimed to look as first-rate as they were able to.

It was probably overdue I should put together such a gallery. On many of our previous ones, the stylish looks of folks in the past have been a common topic in the comments. And as some have noted, people took greater care of their appearance in public back then. Partly out of custom, and partly due to the dynamics of the closer-knit communities of those days. As expected, most of the photos date from the ’50s, with the sharply dressed falling in dramatic numbers by the time the casual ’60s arrive.

Some of us have memories of such days. My father, for one, took great care to look the best he could when going out, particularly on Sundays. As said, partly out of custom, and partly for fear he might come across some acquaintance looking ‘improper’. Not that I exactly long for his era, since I’m glad that nowadays I can go to the mall in shorts and have no worries about my looks. Regardless, as with everything, looking through these images I also have to admit that something has been lost.


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