Vintage Snapshots: 1955-1957 Chevy Time – A Gallery Of Tri-Fives Back In The Day

Recently there’s been some talk in our comments section about the overdone vintage rides that seem to be the norm in car shows nowadays. I’m here to tell you I’m with you. I do prefer my old rides in stock condition. And I’m not entirely sure if we’re less in numbers or just have less cash to outbid those who enjoy tweaking old iron.

In any case, one way to get around that is to view images from back in the day. And in the case of the Tri-Five Chevys, that may be more necessary than usual. After all, talk about a model glitzied up since the day it came out. But there was a reason for it, the appeal of the ’55 Chevy was a mighty one from day one. And the model has certainly earned a legendary status, even here at CC.

So here are a number of images with the fabled Tri-Fives, looking as they did back then. Either surrounded by drivers and admirers or just looking fine on their own.



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