Vintage Snapshots: Neighborhoods Across America In The ’70s

Today’s gallery covers a variety of neighborhoods across America in the 1970s, featuring a mix of city, suburban, and small-town environments. And as usual, I tried to pick images with some vehicles of interest.

The images come from the Documerica Project of the National Archives and have been slightly color-corrected for this post. The lede photo is at a mobile home park in New Ulm, Brown County, Minnesota.

Near Wood Island Station, East Boston, Massachusetts, 1973.

White Cloud, Kansas, 1974.

Outdoor Food Market at Haymarket Square, Boston, 1973.

Rifle, Garfield County, Colorado, 1973.

El Paso, Texas, 1972.

Main Street of Dehue, West Virginia, 1974.

Avenue D Housing Project, Lower East Side of Manhattan, NY, 1974.

Shepherd home near Leakey, Texas, 1973.

Newport Beach, California, 1975.