Vintage Snapshots: One Mustang Gal -And Ford Family- In The Early ’70s

Every once in a while, as I search vintage images online, the missing pieces of a puzzle slowly emerge. Nope, uploaders aren’t known for posting stuff in order, or chronologically. Yet, in due time I find enough related ones to tell a whole ‘story.’

I’ve actually posted a couple of these shots before, in separate posts (Here and here). Thanks to the additional images found, I now know this was a serious Ford family and that the lady of the house had a fondness for Mustangs. But as we know, brand loyalty was something big back then.

As far as I can tell, the earliest pictures date from ’73, with the Grabber Orange ’70 Mach I. A few more -with no date- show the owner with a different hairdo with the same Mach I. The family later proceeded to a ’73 gray one. Around that time, as the images show, the household seemed filled with Dearborn products (and yet one more Mustang). But as I said, brand loyalty was something else back then.