Vintage Snapshots: People And Station Wagons In The ’50s-’60s – Life In The Station Wagon, Part 2

I recently came across an online article covering the subject of station wagons, and you know times have changed when a publication starts by telling younger readers what a station wagon is. Be that as it may, I know CC readers need no reminding of what a wagon is. Or what life was like around them when they were commonplace.

What we can do instead is take a look at old images to place into better focus what life around them was like. This is the second such post here at CC, featuring images of folks traveling and doing a good deal of living with station wagons. From resting, to cooking, to sleeping and drying clothes out, there was little one wouldn’t do on an old wagon. And it’s all mostly captured here, in faded colors and vintage black and white.


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