Vintage Snapshots: Springfield, Missouri, Then And Now

Let’s continue our dive into Missouri’s Historic Highways, this time going to Springfield, Missouri, approximately 1956.

This picture was taken at the corner of Glenstone and St. Louis Avenues.  At this point in time, St. Louis Avenue was also known as Route 66.

Here is a Google capture of this location from May 2019.  The Rail Haven Motel is still there.  I’ve been to Springfield countless times and never seen so little traffic at this location; it’s always like that seen in the first picture.  This picture must have been taken at an odd time, like Sunday morning.

Incidentally, my family and I stayed at the Rail Haven in April of last year.  That green 1956 Ford has a blue 1955 Ford mate; both are open for exploration and sitting in.  They await their own write-up someday.