Vintage Snapshots: Station Wagons In The 1970s

Today’s post is part of a series celebrating the station wagon as we used to know them. And unlike my Life In The Station Wagon series, these showcase snapshots where the wagons are the main feature. In case you missed them, the installments for the 1950s and 1960s are linked further down.

In those early installments, I made an effort to add some specs on each model (engine choices, etc.). We’ll skip that for this gallery since by the ’70s choices were so varied that if added, the post would look encyclopedic. Also, this is by no means a comprehensive collection. Instead, as with many of these galleries, it’s mostly meant as an intro to the topic. That is besides being a trip down memory lane for these vehicles that make a large part of our collective memory.

Pleasantries done, we start with a 1978 Mercury Marquis Wagon in the lede pic. It is the Standard version, with none of the Di-noc featured in the Colony Park. This was the last year of the ’73-’78 generation.

1971 Pontiac Safari Wagon, doing some nice hauling work.

1973 Ford Pinto Wagon with Squire Option. The fanciest of Ford’s least fancy wagon for ’73.

1974 Mercury Montego MX Villager Wagon.

1974 Chevelle Malibu Classic Estate Wagon, carrying the almost inevitable Chevy Rally wheels.

1975-77 Ford LTD Country Squire Station Wagon, also doing some heavy work and heading to some fun.

1976-77 Dodge Aspen Special Edition Wagon.

1976 Oldsmobile Custom Cruiser, with Ohio plates. No idea about what those imports are doing in the background. A repair shop nearby?

1977 Buick Estate Wagon.

1978 Dodge Diplomat Station Wagon.


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