Vintage Photos: Street Scenes – San Diego, 1973-74

I’ll start with this photo that I took in 1974 on Kodachrome. I went around shooting some places at random and some because of an association in my mind. This location is Sunset Cliffs on Point Loma and was a very popular place for watching submarine races at midnight after a date. Maybe it still is and yes that is my Cougar.

Next up are these two pictures I took in January 1970 near Santee. I was lucky to have had an Instamatic with me because of my work and so this was around 3:00 in the afternoon. What is so important about this site? This is the location of my one and only car accident one month after getting my license. I was heading east bound on what I recall as Mission Gorge, but map says Mast Rd. and was coming up on N. Magnolia and a T intersection. I was heading straight through when a 1965 Galaxie turned left in front of me and then came to a halt.

I had no place to go left or right and plowed into the right front fender, ahead of the tire, with the left corner of my car. I remember slamming into the shoulder belt, my glasses flying off into the windshield, some steam, an open Galaxie hood, and a battery out on the street. I also recall jumping out of my car and pounding on the windshield of the Galaxie yelling what were you thinking. This is the aftermath with the two ladies talking to the officers trying to tell them I was running the light. My car is being hooked up to a tow truck in the distance under the Merging Traffic sign.

Side effect of the two pictures are the other vehicles in them. Oh, my Cougar was repaired a month later.

Now in no particular order:

Hand held using slow film at night. Not a great combination but I can still make out the six cars in the first line left to right. Can you?

What’s at the end of the pier?


The weekend my high school friend got married in May 1981 but I’ll throw in because of the cars

Some for plane spotters around Lindbergh

For ship spotters an original untouched WWII Essex Class carrier

For the USCG guys

For the sports spotters this game was played Sept. 10, 1978 at Jack Murphy Stadium. The second picture was taken around one minute left in the game. Know the game?

Last, some from San Francisco as I went back and forth between 1972-1981. Not enough for their own post.

What the heck I’ll throw in these two from Canoga Park 1966 after we just moved there from Catonsville, MD. The house was brand new as they all were in the development. The Chevy is a vague memory and I will assume for my mother temporarily. The street scene was shot for the smoke off over the hills. Somewhat to the west of us was a testing facility that was testing engines for upcoming Apollo. When an engine was fired up the roar was incredible and if it was at night, which it was sometimes, the sky lit up like it was day. Caught one car also. Look at that vignetting by the cheap Imperial Debonair 620 film camera I had at 12.