1994-2000 Nissan Rasheen – The World’s First CUV Was An Homage To The Wartburg 353

NISSAN Rasheen

How could I forget the Nissan Rasheen, when writing about the Wartburg 353? But thanks to Flipper, who posted a picture of the Rasheen at the Wartburg post, I must now give it its 15 minutes of CC fame. Technically, it’s not one of the Nissan “Pike” retro cars (Figaro, Pao, S-Cargo), but it was built in the same factory. And historically, it’s a significant car because with AWD, passenger car underpinnings, and a unique body, it was the first modern CUV. Its formula became the blueprint for a vast segment of the market today. As such, it predated popular CUVs from Japan like the Subaru Forester, Honda CRV and Toyota RAV4. The AMC Eagle, often bestowed that title, didn’t have a unique body. An obscure but significant footnote to automotive history.