CC Outtake: What Yacht through Yonder Window Breaks?

2-14-2013 035

Last year I was driving near my childhood home, and while cruising down an alley spotted this rather rare clamshell 1973 Chevrolet Impala station wagon. When’s the last time you saw one?

2-14-2013 036

As it was on private property, I took just these two shots from the road. Weathered, but it looked pretty fair to me. I imagine it’s still sitting there! By the way, for you B-body spotters, the white car to the clamshell’s left was a 1982 Buick LeSabre Limited. There was also a circa-’82 Toronado and a 1991-96 Olds Ninety-Eight. Quite the GM stash, huh?