Cohort Outtake: 1963 Dodge 440

Dodge 1963 f

Watching Dodge (and Plymouth) claw their way back to normalcy after their strange departure from that state in 1962 was fun at the time. Yes, that’s better; you’re almost there. Just a little more… The first step was of course in 1963, when the bodies were squared off some and the sides cleaned up, but the Dodge front end still had a healthy dollop of Exnuberance.

Dodge 1963 s

runningonfumes caught this fine veteran and posted at the Cohort. The ’63’s body from the cowl back would be used with little change through 1965, as a Coronet in that final year. But the front end wouldn’t be fully Engelized until 1964.

Dodge 1963 rq