Brochure Classic: The 1971 Firenza, By General Motors

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Today I am sharing a blast from the past–the 1971 Firenza brochure from my personal collection. For those of you Canadians who might possibly remember seeing a rare survivor, now you can see how these cars were presented as new–and without rust spots!

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From prior CC articles, I gather that these cars had, ahem, troubles. It’s too bad, because it is a rather nice, cheerful-looking little car.

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The Firenza was a Canada variant on the British Vauxhall Viva HC. But the Firenza was hardly sparkling to its original owners, as apparently no shortage of trouble could be had with them.

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The two-door wagon was rather interesting. Looks kind of like a cut-rate Volvo 1800ES. But with none of the Ovlov’s stolid dependability, unfortunately. It seems the early emissions hardware was less than robust. That, other classic British hiccups and a propensity to dissolve nearly as fast as a sugar cube mean few are left today.

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It was a disaster for both owners and dealers, and also spelled the end of Vauxhalls of any stripe in Canada. After 1972, the Vega-with-an-arrowhead Astre replaced it in showrooms. From the frying pan, and all that.

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This brochure came with a bunch of other Canadian brochures I won on the electronic bay years ago. There was also a ’68 Canadian Pontiac brochure, as well as 1977 and 1978 Pontiac, and 1978 Buick. But this one was the most interesting, as I had never heard of these before.

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Too bad the owners had to be the proving ground for the issues with the Firenza. If it had been a solid little car, might we still have Vauxhalls in Canada–and perhaps the U.S., today? Who knows!

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