Building A Beck 550 Part II – The Fundamentals Apply…


I guess it has been a while since my original Building a Beck post (read it here). How long? Too long; as I type this I saw the completed car approximately 45 minutes ago! But I am getting way ahead of myself, so let’s step into the Curbside Time Machine (mind the step) and go back to late February, when a beautiful 550 Spyder replica was just getting started…


One of the choices Joe had to make early on (other than deciding on the engine, of course!) was what type of pedals. Yes, such minutia are important parts of having a whole car built just for you!


An aluminum Griffin radiator was selected to keep the Scooby mill cool.


The fans and thermostat have just been wired in as well, along with a backup electric water pump.


Finally, the suspension and brakes–most important in any car, but especially for a car that is going to be used for autocrossing! Soon, we’ll even have wheels! Yet another fundamental part of any motor car, Curbside or otherwise! See you next time.