CC To Be: Building A Beck 550 – Part I


550 Spyder. Just say it to anyone with an old-car pulse, and it will trigger an unforgettable race car from Germany. The Porsche 550 Spyder was an amazing car, and if you can’t spare anywhere from $550,000 to $1M it takes to bring the real deal home, there is always Beck. This multi-part series is an exclusive scoop on one Beck’s creation, thanks to a buddy of mine deciding he just had to have one.


I have known Joe for many years, and he is a true blue “car guy.” His first car was a red ’62 Impala convertible, and he has easily owned over 100 cars over the years. His tastes run to German fare–he also has a GT2 and his wife used to have an E350 Bluetec–but on a recent visit to his office he informed me he was having a Beck built so he can go autocrossing. My first thought was “This would be SO COOL to run on CC!”

So I asked him. He thought it was a terrific idea, and when the car is done he is going to put all the posts together and have it turned into a little book he will keep with the car. After getting the green light from Perry, I proceeded to search for the very first email Joe forwarded me. And now, here we are: The first part.


Beck is the go-to for 550 Spyder replicas. And any classic Porsche aficionado with weißwurst running through his or her veins will love their other products, too: The classic 356 Speedster and even a 904! I did not know about the 904 replica until I began researching for this series. Cool! But back to the 550 at hand…


As you can see, a shell is already in the works. The guys in the shop were just beginning to fit all the options, cutting for lighting, radiator and oil cooler, and prepping the chassis for the 2.5L Subaru boxer engine that will ultimately be installed. Joe has already decided on a color combination, and no, it isn’t going to be the silver seen on so many–including the factory race cars.


We are currently running about 2-3 months behind on the car’s actual process, so there is lots more to come. And when the car arrives, I will be right there to share the finished product with you.


Beck will build your neo-356 or neo-550 any way you like, from full-boat custom to as close to Porsche factory specs as your wallet can stand. Click here for a cornucopia of possibilities, and stay tuned for the next installment!

809_100_3846Customer car, image: