266,987 CC Readers Would Like To Hear Your Car Story


This post allows me to touch on two subjects: CC’s continued strong growth, and how much CC readers love hearing your car stories.

Our Google stats shows that 266,987 Users (Unique Visitors) dropped in at CC in the the past 30 days. That’s up 88% from the same time period one year ago. And the four millionth visitor to CC ever will be showing up any minute, if not already.

Yesterday’s delightful Peugeot 504 COAL by Laurie Boussom reinforced just how much we all love to hear stories from fresh faces, which certainly doesn’t include mine; or Perry’s, or a whole lot of regular CC Contributors. I know you all appreciate how the regulars keep the CC party going day-in, day-out, but a fresh breeze is always welcome, even in the finest of places.

Every one of you has a great story (or more) to tell. We’ve gotten glimpses of them in the comments; I’ve even turned comments into posts on a few occasions. We’re not just begging for content; we’ve got that covered. We are begging for some new faces and fresh stories. And I know you have them.

Now I’m not going to promise every one of those 266,987 Users will read your story, but some of our posts are closing in on 100k Views. Every car has a story, and you’ve had a few of those. Let’s hear some of them.

All the info on Submissions is here.