Vintage Ads: 1967½ AMC Rebel Wagons Targeted To Specific Geographic Areas

Special trim models targeted to regional areas had undoubtedly been around for a while, but these 1967½ AMC Rebel wagons somehow escaped me so far. There were three of them, and I’ll start with the Rebel Mariner, as it was sold in Los Angeles, Portland, Eugene, San Francisco, Seattle, Miami and Tampa-St. Petersburg. Wow; I need to keep my eyes open for a survivor in Eugene!  What would the odds be of that?

The Rebel Briarcliff was marketed in the Baltimore, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Providence, Hartford, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Albany and Memphis areas. Can’t say I remember seeing one in the Baltimore area at the time. Nice interior colors.

The Rebel Westerner was marketed in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Denver, San Antonio, Houston, Chicago, Milwaukee and Detroit areas. Detroit? Milwaukee? Chicago? The needed an upper-Midwest themed one for them. Got any suggestions?