Cohort Outtake: Wigwam Village Motel #6, Holbrook, AZ

I have been neglecting the Cohort, and I feel bad about that. But the Flickr pages stopped working properly for me a while back, and I couldn’t open any of the pictures. And there have been some great ones in the past month or so. So tonight I finally tried a different browser (Chrome, instead of Firefox), and it works on that. Odd. Anyway, it’s going to take me a while to catch up. I’ll start with this great shot of the (misnamed) Wigwam Motel on Route 66 in Holbrook, Az.

The first Wigwam Village was built in 1933 by Frank A. Redford. It was located on the corner of US-31E and Hwy 218 near Horse Cave, Kentucky. he had a large collection of native American artifacts that were displayed in the museum cum shop. he applied for a patent on the design of the buildings, which was granted in 1936. How a collector of Native American artifacts could have mislabeled teepees as wigwams is beyond my comprehension, but then it was a long time ago. Wigwam Village #1 was razed in 1982. The Wigwan Village concept was franchised or licensed, and some seven were built, most out west.

The Wigwam Village #6 was built in 1950 by Chester Lewis. He purchased the rights to Redford’s design, as well as the right to use the name “Wigwam Village,” in a novel royalty agreement: coin-operated radios would be installed in Lewis’s Wigwam Village, and every dime inserted for 30 minutes of play would be sent to Redford as payment.

Old cars scattered around have obviously become part of the appeal. There’s space for guests to park between them.

How do I know so much about the Wigwam #6? Because I stayed there some years back, in my beloved green ’73 LTD.