The (Curbside) Classic Apartments and a Few Other Mid-Century CC Apartment Buildings

(first posted 1/25/2017)    We were walking along 8th Avenue the other day, where there’s a number of particularly charmless (or charming, depending on your point of view) apartment buildings from the sixties and seventies. When I notice that this one was called “Classic Apartments” I decided they were CC-worthy. And of course, there’s a few CCs sitting in front of it. This style is called French Mansard, and it’s ever so faithful to the original.

Having stayed in genuine French mansard apartment (with great views) on our last trip to Paris, I can assure the similarities are…next to none.

Next stop was this unnamed complex a few doors down. “Falling Water“, perhaps? It does rain a lot in the winter here.

In the next block is the inimitable Jade West. Another French mansard, sporting quite fresh wood shingles. In case it’s not apparent, the faux rock walls do have a very decided jade tint to them. And of course, another CC out front.

Is the tint more apparent in this shot? Maybe not; it needs some sun to bring out the full effect. But there’s two green flags out front, just in case.

Here’s a charming street-side facade on the Stone Apartments. But then that blank wall is obviously there on purpose so as not to compete with the sculpture out front. What is it; a whale vertebrae?

I don’t think so. Hmm. Maybe that’s why it’s called the Stone Apartments. Or not.

The Hosanna apartments just down the street weren’t going to be shown up by that art work in front of the Stone, so they’ve put up these two steel girders with very artistically-cut holes in them. Wouldn’t you want to live there just for the art alone, never mind the architecture?

And then there’s this one, on the same street. What a charming facade.

And appropriately enough, it’s called the Alpine Manor. Who comes up with these names?

The previous apartments are decidedly not student-oriented buildings. But a day or two later, walking near campus, I couldn’t resist this jagged roof line of the Canterbury Court. Those tri-toned blue panels break up the upstairs rather nicely. Stephanie thought it was terrible, but I rather like its playfulness…in relative terms, anyway. There are so many dreary older (and newer) apartments near the campus.

One more. The Orbit is actually a re-purposed commercial building, and done quite well as it plays up its mid-century heritage both in its signage as well as its interior decor.

Well, that’s a wee sample; maybe I’ll feel inspired to do more another time.