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Real quick. I've enjoyed cars of all types ever since I was a wee lad. Some earliest memories include my neighbor's Ford Tempo which I lovingly referred to as the Jerk Car (although they were quite pleasant, so I don't know where it stemmed from) and not being able to understand my aunt's fondness for Ferraris (I've certainly come around on that, worry not). My first car was a hand-me-down 1987 Toyota Corolla that was near mint with only 63k on the clock. This was in 2001 and it took me less than a year to find the 175 width tire's cornering limit, resulting in the world going vertical. I replaced that gem with another of Toyota's finest, the MK3 Supra sportroof. That relationship lasted all of a year, where an unidentifiable overheating problem limited my journeys to less than 39 miles. I switched brands after that and have been driving some sort of VW since 2002, including two Jettas, a Passat VR6 wagon, a 16V Scirocco, a 20th Anniversary GTI and a newer GTI. I didn't leave Toyotas out of memory for good though, as a 1981 Celica GT Liftback in tucked away in my storage unit. And that's just the drivable cars. I also have a considerable die cast collection, enough magazines to keep a fire going for a thousand years, and currently work at my local VW dealer doing digital and social media. I prefer three pedals over two and hatches over saloons. My drink of choice is Franziskaner weissbier. And there is nothing better than a cool autumn evening drive with good tunes and great coffee. That was quick, right?

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