CC Outtake: This Nova Is A No-Go


This forgotten Nova hasn’t moved from its resting place for at least two years. I know, because I park in the same lot Monday through Friday and see it stationary in all types of light. This morning, I decided to finally grab a picture. Mind you, there is absolutely nothing special about this car. In fact, it’s rather mundane, with its blue New Jersey tag, sealed beam headlights, and wipers left in the “I don’t care” position. But something about it made me compelled to point my camera at it and capture a part of its soul. Or lack thereof?

It makes me wonder how many more of these cars are out there, discarded and disposed of in a rather ungrateful manner. Maybe it’s just that sense of nostalgia kicking in again. I mean, my first car was a 1987 Toyota Corolla, a hand-me-down from my late Papa. And my mom replaced her ’81 Celica with a ’95 Geo Prizm and ran that for six years before the need for a larger vehicle forced its passing to my uncle, who in turn ran it for another six before selling it off. Or maybe it’s just the fact that this car hasn’t been loved for a long time. Regardless of the reason, I felt it finally earned and deserved its fifteen minutes of fame.