F100 Chronicles: 2600+ lbs of Rock – All In A Day’s Work

I just looked up what various aggregates weigh, and it’s more than I thought. When I first started hauling gravel in my truck 25 some years ago, I asked the guy what a yard of 3/4 minus gravel weighs, and he said “1800 pounds”.  So sure, make it a yard. Even if it did make my rear axle ride on the rubber stops (my truck is rated at 1200 lbs).

But for some reason I decided to look that up, and it turns out that a yard of 3/4″ minus weighs some 2600 lbs dry, and as much as 3400 lbs wet, which it typically is here. And this 1 1/2″ round rock also weighs some 2600 lbs too. And then there’s me and Little Man, so we’re right close to 3000 lbs total, more since its probably wet to some degree or another. But I’ve hauled more than that in the past.


I once loaded up (by hand) basalt rocks for a wall, and got carried away, not thinking how much it was weighing. When I weighed out at the quarry, which was some 15 miles out in the country, I paid for 3600 lbs of stone! And the ride home was…a bit interesting. I had loaded them all in the front of the bed, and for the first time ever, I had zero suspension travel front and rear. A genuine low rider. I made sure to keep a very healthy distance from any cars in front of me.