The Not-Niedermeyers Outtake: Dad Shows Son Paul How To Tune His Gas-Powered Miniature Racing Car

Rambler 1962 classic wagon 1

(first posted 4/6/2016)    Those of you who have been around for a while will be familiar with the “Not-Niedermeyers”, that perfect all-American family that endlessly indulged their only beloved child (Paul). Dad Not-Niedermeyer loved camping, and took the family in a VW Wesfalia for idyllic camping trips and lots of fishing (but no hiking). But when they were home, Dad Not-Niedermeyer spent all of his free time with Paul tinkering in the garage or driveway.

The highlight of 1962 was when Paul was given a gas-powered miniature Indy 500 racing car for his birthday. What else? I mean, it’s what he asked for, so of course he got it. And then Dad Not-Niedermeyer showed Paul all of the tricks he’d learned over the years as a famous racing car engine builder how to squeeze more power out of the screaming two-stroke McCulloch kart engine. Wow, Dad; it’s sounding really wicked. You’re so amazing. Can I try it out now?

Rambler 1962 classic wagon 2

Sure, son. But be careful; it’ll probably hit 70 now. I don’t want you going too fast down the Highway 6 here, because I’m afraid I won’t be able to keep up behind you in the Rambler.

Ah yes; the Rambler. I don’t know what got into him, but he traded in Mom’s black 1960 Tri-Power Pontiac Bonneville Safari wagon for…this? A Rambler Classic sux six? Well, at least he kept his matching black Bonneville hardtop, but Mom Not-Niedermeyer so hated the lame Rambler—intended for her—that she appropriated his Bonneville, and now poor old Dad was stuck with the Rambler.

But Dad was a always good sport about that kind of thing.