The xB and I Are Back Home After 600 Miles Of Off-Pavement Driving – Full Report To Come Soon

Got home last night after leaving the Alvord Desert (above), our last camping spot. A total of 1865 miles, of which over 600 miles were off pavement in Nevada, some of it difficult. As you probably heard, I only had to be pulled out by Jim’s Jeep once, in a long and soft water crossing.

It’s going to take a couple of days to compile all the video and pictures, including some drone video footage, but let’s just say it was one of the most memorable experiences ever. Here’s a couple of quick videos from my son’s twitter feed.


This one above is typical of the kind of driving challenges that we encountered often. It took a different driving style than the 4×4 trucks in the group: I had to use momentum constantly to get through them, although this slo-mo doesn’t show that. But we’ve got a lot more video to come.

A big thanks to Daniel Stern for keeping CC going while I was gone!