Automotive History Capsule: 1965-1966 Ford F-Series Ranger – A Bit Too Far Ahead Of Its Time

Ford f100 Ranger 1965 int l

(first posted 1/6/2013)     During the late fifties and sixties, the pickup became ever more “civilized”. In addition to softer suspensions and other amenities, most of that had to do with spiffing up the cab with nicer upholstery, inside door trim, padded dashes, fancy steering wheels…but no one had yet taken the plunge and installed genuine bucket seats. Undoubtedly inspired by the success of the Mustang, Ford offered a Ranger cab trim option for 1965 that included buckets–straight out of the Mustang.

Ford F100 Ranger 1965 fq

The Ranger trim package had to be ordered in addition to the Custom Cab option. It included both the buckets and a covering behind them designed to conceal the old-style, in-cab gas tank. The console, out of a ’63 Falcon Sprint or Comet S-22, was an additional option.

Ford Ranger 66 brochure

It’s impossible to get production stats on how many Ranger-equipped F100s and F250s were made, but from what one can glean, not many, as they’re quite rare now. But then, they’re also easy to clone since the parts are readily available. In any case, the buckets went bye-bye in 1967, and the Ranger became the top-trim pickup–but with a good old bench seat, just as God intended pickups to have.