Automotive History: The Two Door Sedan (1920-2010) – Its Origins and the Last 2-Door Sedan For Each American Brand and Model


This one is a bit of a dilemma: the 1970 Fury I and Fury II 2-door sedans. They’re even called that in the brochure, but the reality is that their roof is just a bit different that of the sedans, shared with the Fury III “Formal hardtop”.  Hmm.

If that’s stretching it too much for you, than we can play it safe (and dull) with the 1968 Fury 2-door sedan.

1967 was the last year for a genuine B Body Plymouth.

The Valiant hung on as a 2-door sedan for one year longer than the Dart, until 1969.

The Reliant 2-door, as with its clone, the Aries, is a borderline case. Last one was 1989.



Pontiac’s last full-size 2-door was the 1968 Catalina. The Y and A-Body cars all had different roofs for the two doors.

There was no Phoenix 4-door sedan, and this sure looks like a 2-door sedan to me. 1984 was the last year.

The 6000 2-door, whose two doors would quite likely interchange with the Phoenix, was made through 1987.

Given the identical roof line on the two and four door versions of the W-Body GP, that would make the 2003 version the last year for two-door sedans.

And Since the final generation of the Grand Am also shared roofs, the 2005 would be the last two-door of that line.



Oddly enough, there was an Ambassador 2-door sedan for just two years; 1965 and 1966. Given that’s it’s impossible to find any images of one in existence today, we can safely assume it wasn’t a big seller.

There does seem to be one example of a ’66 Classic 550 2-door sedan, though. They’re essentially the same basic car anyway.

Don’t let that horrendous wig fool you; this 1982 Concord is a genuine 2-door sedan, and even called so in the brochure.

The only thing that can top it is the Eagle AWD version. 1982 was also its last year.



The last of the pre-Lark (116.5″) wb Studebakers were built in 1958, including this Champion 2-door.

1966 was the last year for all Studebakers, 2-doors and 4-doors.



No, it’s not a Volga GAZ M-21, although the Willys may well have influenced it. It’s a final year 1955 Willys Aero Ace Custom, and a 2-door sedan, of course.

And since it’s not something you’re too likely to encounter on the street, here’s the view from the rear. More on the Willys Aero here.

PS: If any of you would like to list the last 2-door sedans by import brands, that would be great. I started to include them here, but it quickly turned into a quagmire. As an honorary mention, I’ll include what was probably the last one, the 2005 Toyota Echo, which may well have been the unfortunate inspiration of the 2008 Focus.

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