Curbside Outtake/QOTD: When Do You Finally Give Up on Your Dream Car?

(submitted by Dead Swede)

For years this BMW 535i has been a mainstay on my dog-walking route. It has that “get-to-it-someday” vibe that radiates from so many of its derelict brethren.

Likely an E28 from 1984-85, it sits outside in all kinds of weather, gathering moss and mildew on the side facing north. All available evidence suggests it is not a daily driver. Or runner, for that matter. Current tabs keep it from being towed. Just opposite is a mid-90s Suzuki Carry Van, with tons of personality and RHD. Here in the Pacific Northwest, nothing is more hipster than a gray-market Kei van with 5-doors, 4-wheel drive, and a 3-cylinder engine. The funny little van gets driven most days while the BMW just sits and sits.

Which leads me back to my original question: when do you finally give up on your dream car?