101 Year-Old Woman Still Changes Oil Herself On 1930 Packard – Do You?

Feeling old? Someone isn’t, apparently. Margaret Dunning bought this superb 1930 Packard 740 in 1949, and not only does she still drive it a few times a year, including to car shows, but she says she does her own oil changes on its big straight eight engine. She has a few other vintage cars in her garage, but the Packard has its special place, both in the garage and her heart.

But she is considering buying a new car, and is amazed at how much easier they are to drive, with power steering and all. “With the older cars you have to use what I call arm-strong steering. But cars like the Packard make it all worthwhile. I love that car a great deal. I mean, I honestly do love it.”

Do you still change your oil yourself? I do, in the summer.