1954 Chrysler Crown Imperial: The Widest Production Car Ever

Imperial 1954 crown limoCapture

(first posted 2/10/2013)    Not only does the 1973 Imperial hold the record for the longest production (non-extended) sedan and coupe, but another Imperial also holds another record as well. 

The 1974-1976 Cadillac Fleetwood 75 holds the record for the longest (extended-body) production car, but what about widest? I wouldn’t have come up with this, without a little help. But here are the numbers, measured at its ample hips, I assume: 82¾ inches.  At 236″ long, it can’t touch the Caddy’s 252″, thanks to its massive trunk. If I had to guess, the Imperial has an even more spacious interior compartment; taller certainly. Room for top hats, of course. And it had a 235 (gross) hp hemi, as well as unusual Ausco-Lambert four wheel disc brakes (full story on them here).  I’d take it over the Fleetwood 75 in a heartbeat, although servicing those brakes might be a bit of a challenge.