1957 – 1959 GMC 800 Series: The Worst Truck Facelift Ever?

GMC 1959 860

Take your time and really look at this Frankenstein truck. It’s like someone cut off its original front end, and stuck a GMC pickup front end on it, despite the total mismatch. No, this was not done in someone’s backyard shop with a torch and welder. It originated from the vaunted GM Design Center, presided over by his highness, Harley Earl. And the real crime is that they butchered one of the nicest big truck front ends in the process.

GMC 1954 950

Isn’t that a handsome truck? Well, it was before that botched face-lift.

The really big GMC conventional trucks never got the new cab of the 1955.5 – 1959 Chevy/GMC “Task Force” pickups and mid-size trucks. The solution?

GMC 1957 Medium Duty

Just use the front end cap from the Medium Duty line, like this one, and slap it on the big one. Problem solved.

Fortunately, by 1960, the big trucks got the all-new cab shared across all the truck sizes, and all was right in the truck world again (update: the 800 series was actually available until 1962). But I’ll never forget the first time I saw one of these…Whoa! Is that what I think it is?