1958 Mercedes 300d (W189) – The Ultimate Hardtop

mercedes 300d 1957_pictures_1

(first posted 7/25/2014)    Since hardtops are the subject de jour, how about a quick look at what has to be considered the ultimate hardtop, the Mercedes 300d (the “d” does not stand for diesel) from 1958. Not only did it not have a B Pillar, but the small rear-most side windows were removable, to give the utmost on unobstructed viewing pleasure; both from within, as well as from without.

Mercedes 300d w189 640x362

But that came at a price: $10,418 in the US ($83k adjusted). That was about twice what a ’58 Cadillac four door hardtop cost. Now if only that front vent window could be removed too.