1959 Ferrari Superamerica 400 – Super American Style By Pininfarina

(first posted 7/27/2012)   A GM Motorama concept car from 1957? No, that’s a prancing horse, not the mark of excellence on the hood. It’s not exactly a 1959 Dodge either, but the American-style big, blunt and menacing front end with quad headlights found its way even unto a Pininfarina, whose svelte front ends had come to rule the house of Ferrari in the late fifties. And the front end (as well as the name) isn’t the only homage to American-style; its sides sport a bit of decidedly Detroit-style gaudiness.

That’s a stainless-steel flank, below that intense blue-green side stripe.The Superamerica 400 Pininfarina coupe Speciale was built specifically for Fiat chairman Giovanni Agnelli. Some 25 additional 400s were built in the following two years, with some variations in their bodywork by Pininfarina and Scaglietti. All were powered by a 340 hp, 4.0 liter version of the Colombo-block V12.

This car is a bit challenged by its proportions, and the marriage of American and Italian design cues.

Not that I’d kick it out of my garage…

But given that Ferrari’s “bread-and-butter” 1959 car, the 250 GT Series, was eminently more handsome, it does beg the question of why some chose to pay a 25% higher price for the 400 Superamerica. Exclusivity comes at a price, in more ways than one.

image source: demntd