Cohort Outtake: 1960 Corvairs Still Hard At Work In Cuba With Lada Engines In Front

Corvair front engine

(first posted 3/30/2013)     Dave Rush just left this picture and comment on the ’60 Corvair Cohort post: I just got back from a month in Cuba and saw about 10 first generation Corvairs and they all had a front engine/live rear axle drivetrain swap. Ladas were the favourite donor car.

Wow. This is the first I’ve heard of this. It just goes to show how in demand any old car body with wheels is in Cuba. And to what extent they go to keep them on the road. It also shows how the Corvair’s body, which was also used by the Pontiac-Olds-Buick front engine compacts was designed in such a way to make this easy. Don’t try this with a VW or Renault R10.

Of course, others have gone done this road before, but not for such utilitarian purposes: (Corvair with Jag V12 engine)