1961 Corvair Sebring Spyder And 1962 Super Spyder – The First Of Many Corvair Design Studies

Obviously, Bill Mitchell wasn’t going to leave the Corvair alone for long. Beginning with this 1961 Sebring Spyder, there was a steady stream of Corvair-based concept cars. The Sebring Spyder was fairly modest, and kept most of the stock body intact, except for taking a chunk out of the middle. Its primary purpose was undoubtedly to pave the way for the 1962 production Spyder.

Nothing like the cover of Car and Driver to whet the appetite, although in 1961, C&D was just beginning its long ascendency. The Sebring Spyder did not survive.

For 1962, things were kicked up a notch, with the Super Spyder. A wild set of exhaust pipes, and a completely new front end.

The front end predicted much more radical departures from the basic 1960 Corvair shape to come in future concepts. Curiously, the Super Spyder used a Paxton supercharger instead of the turbo.

From this picture and other write-ups, it appears there were more than one version of the Super Spyder, as this GM shot shows some differences, as well as having a turbo engine.

We’ll have to come back for a look at the later Corvair concepts, like the Monza GT.