“1964.5” Mustang Brochure Anomaly: Optional 15″ Wheels and Tires? Really?

Mustang 1964.5 -02-03

I used quotation marks around the “1964.5” because although they’re often referred to as that, the Mustangs built before September 24, 1964 were sold and registered as 1965 models, although there’s never any reference to their model year on the ads or brochures, unlike the 1965 models built after that date. And these early Mustangs are different in a number of ways, most notably their use of the 170 CID six and 260 CID v8. But perusing the “1964.5” brochure at oldcarbrochures.com, I came across something I’d never heard of before, and find rather odd: optional 15″ wheels and tires. Really?

Mustang 1964.5 options highlight

There it is: “15” Super Sport Tires and Wheels”, available only with the Handling Package. Unfortunately, it doesn’t say what the tire size is. What’s rather odd about this is that this 15″ tire/wheel combo is not available on the later-production 1965 Mustang, or any subsequent models until…? I don’t think 15 inchers were available until 1969 or so, when the 60 Series tires came out.  The standard wheels and tires on these gen1 Mustangs were 13″ inches for the sixes, and all V8s (including the GT)  used a 14″ with rather petite 6.95×14 tires.

Shelby GT 350 66 original

Even the legendary Shelby GT 350 used 14″ ten-spoke mag wheels, and the tires were still the puny little 6.95x14s.  The tread on these tires was all of 4.3″ wide, as seen on this one with original spec Goodyear Blue Streaks.

So did any “1964.5” Mustangs really get delivered with these mythical “Super Sport” (a Firestone designation) 15 inch tires and wheels? Or was this a brain fart that never actually became available?